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Pass the Gavel


What is debate?

A debate is a civil discussion in which opposing teams argue about the merits of a controversial and relevant topic. The Proposition, or "Prop" side, argues for the resolution, and the Opposition, or the "Opp" side, argues against the resolution. Each side must articulate contentions supported by logical reasoning and evidence in order to convince the judge that their side should win the debate. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance critical thinking and analysis; and to promote civil discourse.  We do so by offering free debate programs such as summer camps and full day crash courses in debate.


Our programs introduce students to debate fundamentals such as public speaking, argumentation and refutation.  All of our programs are completely free and run entirely by volunteers who are experienced debaters. 


Our volunteers have won numerous "gavels" which are the trophies given to the top speakers at debate tournaments. Now, our volunteers aim to "pass the gavel" to the next generation of debaters.

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