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We are accepting donations of new and gently used clothing for middle school and high school students. 

Our goal is to provide underprivileged students with dress clothes to:

-wear to debate tournaments;

-wear to school events;

-wear to job interviews;

-wear to college interviews;

-wear to internships;

-any other reason.


Types of clothing we are accepting:

shirts, pants, suits, blazers, ties, dresses, skirts, shoes and belts.



We are accepting donations of used laptops, notebook computers and iPads.

High School debate formats such as Public Forum require the use of a laptop, notebook computer or iPad.  No one should be unable to participate because they don’t have access to one.

How you can help:

  1. Click on the "contact" link above to make arrangements to donate items.

  2. If you are a debate coach or administrator, please allow us to place a collection box at your next debate event.

  3. Spread the word to school administrators, teachers, debate coaches, debaters, students and families.

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