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Pass The Gavel offers Tutoring and Homework Help free of charge and for anyone and everyone who needs it.

We started Pass The Gavel in 2019 to spread the art of debate. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, that mission seems insignificant. Our state, our country and indeed the entire world is facing unprecedented hardship. Some of the real heroes in the fight against the coronavirus are the medical providers and first responders who put their lives on the lines every day. After reading a story about medical professionals who couldn't be home to help their children with homework, we came up with the idea of offering free tutoring and homework help.


Everywhere in the country school, as we used to know it, is over. While "online learning" and "online schools" will temporarily take the place of traditional schools, we understand that some students might fall behind with this kind of system. We also understand that not every parent or caregiver is in a position to home school their children or even help with homework. This is where we can help.


If you are an elementary school or middle school student, sign up on our website for free tutoring or homework help. PasstheGavel offers 30-minute blocks of time on facetime with our founders to give each student a personalized learning experience that will help them succeed.

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